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aimswebPlus Reporting

Administration, scoring, and reporting for aimswebPlus, the Shaywitz DyslexiaScreen™, and BASC-3 BESS Behavior Screening are all completed on the secure aimswebPlus platform. Reports summarize student performance and progress in a convenient, easy-to-read format. Parent-friendly screening and progress monitoring results are also available.

aimswebPlus provides comprehensive reporting for each screening and monitoring component:

Benchmarkassess students three times per year for universal screening (early identification)

Progress monitordocument individualized annual goals and monitor more frequently for students who need intensive instructional services

AYP Filterthe system can disaggregate data by AYP subgroups and other categories

Response to Intervention (RTI)—organize and evaluate the process of RTI to manage data

Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS)—provide frequent monitoring for instructional decision making

Teachers or administrators may view student results online through the aimswebPlus data management and reporting system. The level of information that is available is based on the user’s role and access level.

Reports include data for students, classrooms, grades, schools, and district levels, with student performance being compared to national, state, district, or site level norms. Student reports can be generated in either HTML format or PDF, and can be filtered to convey the precise data that is needed.

Quantifiable Student Growth

aimswebPlus provides student growth percentiles and summaries which indicate whether a student is making sufficient progress in closing learning gaps and/or meeting grade-level expectations. The majority of aimswebPlus reports include information on both performance and progress, enabling educators to make more informed decisions while planning instruction.

At-a-glance color-coded reporting allows teachers to:

  • Accurately identify at-risk students
  • Monitor and report individual and group growth
  • Determine specific learning gaps in key skill areas
  • Support dual-discrepancy and special ed evaluations
  • Automatically group students based on instructional need
  • Identify students at risk to not meet end-of-year grade level targets
  • Quickly evaluate the effectiveness of interventions for individuals and groups


Explore how aimswebPlus demonstrates student growth