aimswebPlus Progress Monitoring

Measure what matters.

Progress monitoring enables more frequent assessment to demonstrate growth toward individualized goals and documents each student’s response to instructional changes.

With its robust set of brief, valid, standards-aligned reading and math measures, aimswebPlus allows you to monitor progress for every K–8 student. Because its measures are designed with sensitivity to detect change, the scores demonstrate the measurable progress that can occur as a result of effective instruction.

CBM measures are quick to administer (two to four minutes per student) and simple to score, and can be given weekly to provide continuous student progress data. Results are charted for timely, data-based evaluations.

aimswebPlus progress monitoring is:
  • Standardized and reliable
  • Sensitive to growth that occurs over relatively short intervals
  • Brief, so they can be administered without disrupting instruction
  • Available in multiple equivalent forms to reduce practice effects on retesting
  • Easy to administer and score, allowing it to be used accurately by a wide range of education professionals

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