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Screen and monitor with one assessment system throughout the entire year!

Ask the majority of teachers what they need more of, and the resounding answer is almost always “time”. Between lesson planning, daily instruction, and grading, you are already maxed out, and often find yourself burning the midnight oil trying to keep up with classroom demands. When you factor in students with behavior or learning challenges, those demands become exponentially greater.

Unfortunately, without proper resources, many teachers are leaving the profession due to burnout, and the students who need the most help are falling through the cracks.

Early intervention is the key to success.

Research has found that early identification of at-risk students leads to increased success — both in and out of the classroom. That being said, adding the task of screening each child for reading and math skills, behavior issues, and dyslexia—not to mention individualizing their instruction and tracking and reporting their progress — adds an even greater burden to the growing demands on your time.

aimswebPlus: Benchmarking, progress monitoring, and reporting… all in one place!

aimswebPlus provides benchmarking and progress monitoring for K–8 foundational reading and math skills, as well as screeners for dyslexia and behavior.

Using aimswebPlus, schools can now identify and group at-risk students early, monitor and report student progress, and predict performance on grade-level expectations.

The system builds upon brief, valid, and reliable measures of foundational skills in reading and math by adding standards-based assessments useful for instructional planning. The system goes even further by providing a teacher-friendly system for dyslexia and behavior screening.

aimswebPlus helps you to manage the entire assessment cycle—fall, winter, and spring benchmarking—identifying the students that are at risk of falling through the cracks, then monitoring their progress weekly.

An intuitive user interface and immediate results will help you quickly plan individualized teaching and interventions while preserving valuable classroom instruction time.

Use aimswebPlus to help you:

  • Meet accountability requirements
  • Uncover learning gaps faster and more accurately
  • Screen and monitor students in one seamless system
  • Track student progress for more effective instruction and interventions


Capabilities of aimswebPlus

Universal Screening/Benchmarking

Student benchmark scores are established three times per year using unique standardized assessment forms.

Progress Monitoring

CBM measures are quick to administer and simple to score and can be given weekly to provide continuous student progress data. Results are charted for timely, data-based evaluations.

Dyslexia Screening

The Shaywitz DyslexiaScreen™ offers an evidence-based, teacher-friendly observational rating scale for grades K–2. Each rating takes less than five minutes to complete per student.

Behavior Screening

The BASC-3 Behavioral and Emotional Screening System (BESS) offers a quick and reliable method for determining behavioral and emotional strengths and weaknesses.


Teachers or administrators may view student results online through the aimswebPlus data management and reporting system. Reports are specific to benchmarking and progress monitoring and include data for students, classrooms, grades, schools, and district levels.

Administration & Scoring

aimswebPlus screening and progress monitoring measures can be administered in just minutes and results are available immediately in the system.

Explore aimswebPlus screening and benchmarking capabilities