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aimswebPlus Back to School 2018 Complimentary Webinar Schedule

All sessions will be recorded.


Automated Rostering & TestNav Basics in aimswebPlus

These complimentary 45 minute webinars are geared towards IT teams, school personnel supporting technology and the aimswebPlus application. This back-to-school session will address the rostering process and provide tips and tricks to a better rostering experience. TestNav updates, the online administration "engine" for grades 2 and above, and TestNav proctor caching will also be discussed.

Presenter(s): Scott Hanlin and Oscar Maldonado

Automated Rostering Basics (ABI, Clever; etc.) and TestNav Basics

Jul. 26, 2-3 pm CDT
Aug. 9, 1-2 pm CDT
Aug. 16, 1-2 pm CDT
Sept. 7, 2-3 pm CDT


Manual Rostering and TestNav Basics in aimswebPlus

Jul. 24, 2-3 pm CDT
Aug. 7, 3-4 pm CDT
Aug. 20, 1-2 pm CDT


Getting Started with Benchmark Screening for Teachers

Welcome educators! This complimentary webinar will introduce teachers to aimswebPlus and will include the following:

  • Tips and tricks to help make Fall Benchmark Screening easy and efficient
  • Directions on how to access testing materials
  • A guided tour of the resources, tutorials, and quick steps guides in the Help File to provide additional information on benchmark screening
  • Answers to some frequently asked questions from educators new to aimswebPlus
  • Customer and technical support contact information for future reference
  • A demonstration of how to launch screeners via Digital Record Forms and online assessments through TestNav

The presenter length will be about 30-45 minutes, with live Q and A. Presenter(s): Heather Haugse, Bianca Redd, and Sydney Herndon


Aug. 14, 3-4 pm CDT Heather Haugse
Aug. 29, 3-4 pm CDT Bianca Redd
Sept. 11, 3-4 pm CDT Sydney Herndon


Getting Started for Administrators

Welcome to aimswebPlus! We're excited to begin the 2018-2019 school year with you! This webinar is hosted by our Resource Consultant, Bianca Redd. This webinar is designed to assist new aimswebPlus Administrators with Getting Started Tips and Implementation Basics. Bianca will walk you through general setup options for your new account and prepare you for implementing aimswebPlus in your school setting. Logging in, updating passwords, setting up the basic structure of the account via Import vs. Manual setup options, user setup, and locating help & support resources are all topics that will be covered in these sessions. A breakdown of complimentary training vs. paid training options will also be covered and time will be allotted for Q&A at the end.

Presenter(s): Bianca Redd


Jul. 25, 11-12 pm CDT
Aug. 15, 11-12 pm CDT
Aug. 22, 3-4 pm CDT


Benchmark Screening Reports in aimswebPlus

During this webinar we will cover each of the aimswebPlus individual and group (e.g. class) reports and the utility of each as part of the benchmark screening process. This will include details on the data and how to interpret each report. We will also demonstrate how to generate batches of individual reports. This webinar is geared towards administrators, RTI/MTSS coordinators, school psychologists, and teachers. Time will be allotted for Q&A at the end.

Presenter(s): Heather Haugse, Bianca Redd, Sydney Herndon


Sept. 27, 3-4 pm CDT Bianca Redd
Oct. 5, 3-4 pm CDT Sydney Herndon


Progress Monitoring in aimswebPlus

During this webinar we will cover how to set up and create a progress monitor schedule. We will show how to establish a baseline score either through on-level benchmark scores or through off-level survey level assessment. Also discussed and demonstrated will be the consideration of duration, data-collection frequency, guided goal setting, and intervention selection. You will learn how to collect on-going data as well as how to access the reports that are available.

Presenter(s): Heather Haugse


Oct. 10, 3:30-4:30 pm CST
Oct. 18, 3-4 pm CST


How to Analyze Student or Classroom Growth using aimswebPlus

During this webinar we will review each of the benchmark screening reports that contain details on either student or aggregate group growth across a school year. We will look at growth closer and learn how to analyze this to determine if it is sufficient or if supports may be suggested.

Presenter(s): Heather Haugse


Jan. 24, 12-1 pm CST