Benchmark (Universal Screening) Reporting

Educators receive information on student strength or weakness in early literacy, reading, early numeracy and mathematics. aimswebPlus measures academic performance relative to a criterion-referenced standard, benchmark target, or local or national peer groups. aimswebPlus also measures and monitors student progress toward defined goals for the specific purpose of determining instructional effectiveness. The benchmark report sample shown in the following figure is the Student Score Snapshot. Educators also get reports aggregated at the class, grade, school, district, and account levels.

Student Score Snapshot Report

Universal Screening

The individual student report sample shown is the Student Score Snapshot, which shows a student’s percentile score on each measure, and a composite score with narrative information, a recommendation, and student growth. This report is ideal for sharing with parents.

Benchmark Comparison/Oral Reading Fluency

This report shows not only each student’s percentile on the composite and individual measures, but also the Lexile rating. Note that—by color code—we immediately see which students score well below average, below average, average, above average, or well above average as indicated by the color coded bars relative to the normed percentile bands at the top of the report. Students below grade level, indicated by the orange color code and pink alert symbol, are at risk for failing to meet their year-end reading goals. When viewing this online report, the teacher can click on either the composite or the individual measure score for more information about the assessment, such a Risk Status (composite only), and the number of correct incorrect responses.

Benchmark Comparison (PDF)

This report is the PDF version of the Benchmark Comparison Report view. It gives teachers the option to organize student information by performance categories or tiers.



Scores and Skills Plan

This report is available at the class, school, and district levels and it shows the distribution of student performance and risk status of a battery. A PDF version of this report is also available.


Benchmark Comparison Report/Selection of Scope and Parameter

Enables managers and administrators to get to specific classes and students much more quickly.