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aimswebPlus and BASC-3 BESS Behavioral Screening

Available for the 2018-2019 School Year!

Behavioral and emotional issues affect 10–20% of students in America, and early identification of those children is crucial. Having a quick and reliable system in place to universally screen, assess, monitor progress, and provide reports gives educators valuable instructional time back while improving student success.

More Powerful Together

aimsweb™Plus is a leading research-based screening, progress monitoring, and data management solution for foundational K–8 math and reading skills. It was designed by educational experts and provides reliable, predictive data to inform instruction. With aimswebPlus, schools can identify and group at-risk students early, monitor and report student progress, and predict high-stakes testing success.

The BASC™-3 Behavioral and Emotional Screening System (BESS) offers a quick, systematic, and reliable method for determining behavioral and emotional strengths and weaknesses.This digital-only system offers a benchmark assessment that consists of a brief form that is completed by teachers.  

The BASC-3 BESS requires only 2–4 minutes per student , and an entire class evaluation can be completed in 60–90 minutes. Results are available almost immediately from the aimswebPlus platform, which measures each student’s behavior and social skills (motivation, confidence, disruptiveness).

The Benefits of BASC-3 BESS + aimswebPlus?

  • Documentation of educator ratings and observations that evaluate students’ behavior and emotional skills
  • Valid, reliable, norms-based student performance ratings that support educator observations
  • Ability to universally screen; identify risk, monitor progress, and report results in one seamless system
  • Fast administration: only 2-4 minutes per student


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