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Administration & Scoring

Assessment in Minutes

aimswebPlus screening and progress monitoring measures can be administered in just minutes, so teachers and students can return quickly to their regular schedules. In fact, most measures take only one to four minutes to administer.

  • Teacher-administered assessments for kindergarten and Grade 1
  • Online testing for grades 2–8 (except Oral Reading Fluency)

For more information about the measures, including the number of forms, type of administration, and time involved to administer each measure, please refer to the Detailed Description of Measures section provided earlier.

Technology Assisted Administration and Scoring

In kindergarten and Grade 1, teachers score the measures online while the student is using printed test materials. This can be done on almost any web-enabled device with a supported browser, including netbooks (e.g. Chromebook) and tablets (e.g., iPad). Students in grades 2-8 can take tests independently online using similar devices (desktop/laptop computers, netbooks, or tablets).

As each measure is given, the test data are scored and become available immediately in the aimswebPlus system.

Instant Reports

Once assessment data are entered into the system, aimswebPlus reports the results immediately.
The educator benefits from using aimswebPlus include:
  • Quality assessment of fundamental reading and math skills that can be completed in just one to ten minutes, with norms available at kindergarten through grade 8
  • Ecologically valid and developmentally appropriate, teacher-administered assessments for kindergarten and Grade 1, and for Oral Reading Fluency at all grades
  • Online test administration for measures in grades 2-8
  • Digital Record Forms allow educators to administer assessments on a wide range of devices that includes tablets, laptops, and desktop computers


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