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Pearson Certified aimsweb Trainers

Pearson Certified aimsweb Trainers (CAT)

Pearson, Inc. provides only Pearson Certified aimsweb Trainers (CATs) for all aimsweb training services offered to our customers.

Is your aimsweb Trainer/Consultant Certified?

Ensure you receive the most up-to-date, correct, and comprehensive information. That can only come from a Pearson Certified aimsweb Trainer (CAT) holding current certification through Pearson.

Not sure if your trainer or consultant is certified? Click here to  view a list of all CATs. Our CATs are available to provide training and consultation services in any state, regardless of state of origin, for a flat rate. 

CATs represent a specially selected, diverse group of individuals who have strong backgrounds in education, assessment, and student learning. They have completed additional training via the Pearson CAT Certification Program to earn this certification and are required to participate in continuing aimsweb training experiences to maintain their certification. Additionally, our growing cadre of CATs comprises a diverse community of leaders who communicate with one another and support each other as we train organizations to become successful users of aimsweb.

The Pearson CAT endorsement ensures those who request training services through Pearson, Inc. that their trainer is proficient in all areas of the aimsweb assessment system, and is up-to-date regarding the pressing issues facing educators today. It guarantees that the trainer capably demonstrates familiarity with related research and federal law, and excels in his/her ability to train and lead individuals in becoming proficient aimsweb users. Because of their unique experiences and backgrounds, our CATs also possess expertise in a variety of areas such as reading, math, ESL/ELL/bilingual education, statistics, IDEA law, RTI, instruction, program implementation and evaluation, and administration, for example. These additional skills provide a unique training experience that may be tailored to match the needs of the specific schools and organizations adopting aimsweb.

Recognizing the experience and skills that CATs offer, organizations interested in successfully adopting the aimsweb assessment system often look first to Pearson, Inc. to obtain our exceptional training services, conducted exclusively by CATs.

Information & Application to become a Pearson Certified aimsweb Trainer (CAT) 


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