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aimsweb offers a wealth of resources to help you learn more about aimsweb products and services or help answer important questions about training, grants and funding.

Research articles and information
web assessments are backed by years of research and expertise. View research reference lists and documentation on aimsweb assessments. Learn more

Brochures and downloads
Download the latest brochures and information on aimsweb. Learn more

New to aimsweb and want to learn more? Interested in free webinars on topics related to aimsweb, or more advanced aimsweb training? aimsweb offers a variety of webinars to meet your school’s or district’s needs. Learn more

Grants and Funding
Pearson offers a convenient online resource for grants and funding opportunities, including helpful webinars, on-demand training recordings that can be viewed at your convenience, useful websites, and frequently asked questions. Learn more