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aimsweb ELL Report Profiles

English Language Learner (ELL) Report Profiles for select R-CBM, TEL, and MAZE assessments

aimsweb’s ELL report profiles give educators more information about their ELL student’s academic performance and growth/rate of improvement. These enhanced aimsweb benchmark reports for  grades K-5 provide the option to compare an ELL student with other ELL peers, giving the teacher these benefits:

  • Identify ELL students whose academic issues are broader than English Language Proficiency (is the learning difference due to language difference or something else?)
  • Lets teachers know the average rate of improvement to expect for an ELL student in reading
  • Show student performance and growth relative to their ELL peers for better intervention and progress monitoring
  • More closely connect English Language Proficiency and academic outcomes

Developed as part of a broader Pearson English Learning System, these report profiles offer information used to assist in the accurate evaluation of the academic performance and progress of students who are not proficient in English, taking into account their language proficiency level and grade level.

Sample performance table at the bottom of an aimsweb report:

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Pearson English Learning System

The aimsweb ELL report profiles are also part of a broader solution for English Language Learners.  Offering a complete solution with assessment, instructional solutions and professional development, the Pearson English Learning System offers educators the ability to:

  • Assess language proficiency and content knowledge with the appropriate tools.
  • Use programs that develop all domains of language.
  • Prepare teachers to teach content and language
  • Monitor ELL content and language progress.

Visit the Pearson English Learning System website to learn more.