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Common Core State Standards

aimsweb & the Common Core State Standards

aimsweb uses brief, reliable, and valid assessments called General Outcome Measures (GOM) to assess overall performance in broad academic domains and provide accurate prediction of reading and math achievement. Rather than assessing specific skills and content standards, GOM assesses fluency on fundamental competencies relevant to all curricula and supported by decades of research as key indicators of academic success. The Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts and Mathematics recognize the value of fluency and include reading and computational fluency as key competencies that need to be reached by all students at all grade levels. But academic success clearly requires more than fluency. aimsweb measures go beyond fluency to address critical concepts and skills that specifically align to Common Core standards and provide that extra layer of information for program planning and tailoring instruction to individual student needs.

aimsweb Common Core Reporting

aimsweb provides Common Core reporting for both math and reading. Report student math performance for grades 2-8, including relative strengths and weaknesses by Common Core domain as well as instructional recommendations for Pearson’s enVisionMATH Common Core, digits, or KeyMath-3 Essential Resources. Common Core reports for reading are also available, allowing educators to report the predicted level of success on Common Core aligned reading materials for grades 1-8.

Hear Dr. Mark Shinn, Professor of School Psychology and CBM expert, talk about aimsweb (CBM) and the Common Core State Standards

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