Always Learning

Universal Screening

Increased functionality makes universal screening easy and efficient.

Screening assessments are a key component to the aimsweb system. You’ll appreciate all the ways aimsweb increases your productivity to make universal screening simpler and less time-consuming.

aimsweb gives you a wealth of student information all in one view.

  • Visually see which students need help right away.
  • Click on that student to see individual results and past assessment history.
  • Quickly add students to a monitoring schedule.

Get information at your fingertips and action prompts to reduce the need to generate detailed reports.

  • Use result alerts to see who should be monitored, who is falling behind, or who missed an assessment.
  • Hover over a student to receive detailed information without navigating to a report.
  • Sort your dashboard by one measure or all measures and click on any student to see a summary and upcoming RTI tasks.

The benchmark screen is likely to serve as home base for teachers and interventionists.