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Test of Early Literacy

Letter Naming | Letter Sound | Phoneme Segmentation | Nonsense Word

The aimsweb Test of Early Literacy assessments can be purchased as part of an aimsweb Subscription.

The National Reading Panel (Panel 2000) has identified some critical pre-reading skills that should be assessed in Kindergarten and early Grade 1, including Phonemic Awareness, and elements of Phonics, including letter names and sounds and the ability to read non-real (nonsense) words.

aimsweb TEL Measures are used to identify students at risk for reading difficulties and monitor the progress of all students in Kindergarten and early Grade 1 as they move on the pathway to good reading. The four measures are:

  • Letter Naming Fluency – identified frequently as the best single indicator of risk for reading failure
  • Letter Sound Fluency – with equal or better predictive ability to later general reading skills
  • Phoneme Segmentation Fluency – the ability to hear critical sounds in the spoken word
  • Nonsense Word Fluency – the ability to link the written code with the most common sounds