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Standard Spelling Word Lists

The aimsweb Spelling-CBM assessment can be purchased as part of an aimsweb subscription.

Science-based research has shown that dictating grade-level words aloud at a prescribed pace for 2 minutes and counting the number of correct letter sequences provides a valid and highly reliable measure of general spelling proficiency. This standardized testing approach is part of a testing practice called Curriculum-Based Measurement (CBM).

Commercial spelling tests take at least 20 minutes, must be administered individually, and can’t be used frequently to monitor progress. Classroom-based spelling tests are not standardized and typically don’t assess retention and generalization of spelling skills.

To be able to conduct Spelling-CBM assessments for use in Benchmark Assessment or frequent progress monitoring, educators need quality graded spelling lists of equal difficulty. Pearson has developed Graded Standard Spelling Word Lists compiled from the most frequently occurring words from 7 commonly used spelling series and reading word lists for use with the aimsweb system. These spelling lists are the standard in spelling assessment. aimsweb S-CBM assessments:

  • Are research-based.
  • Meet professional standards for reliability and validity.
  • Are sensitive to differences between good and poor spelling and to student improvement, even week to week.
  • Are available for Grades 1 through 8.
  • Are curriculum independent and therefore assess general spelling skills.
  • Allow fair comparisons among classrooms, schools, and changes in curriculum over time for purposes of accountability.