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aimsweb ® MIDE –  Medidas Incrementales de Destrezas Esenciales

Letter Naming Fluency | Letter Sound Fluency | Syllable Segmentation Fluency Syllable Reading Fluency | Syllable and Word Spelling | Oral Reading Fluency

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MIDE is an assessment system designed specifically for Spanish speaking students. MIDE joins other curriculum-based assessment measures which thirty years of research have shown to be effective in improving general education and in increasing accountability for all students. The MIDE measures are also responsive to the specific skill areas of early literacy and reading which have been identified by the National Reading Panel as essential to effective reading instruction.

The aimsweb system has met a crucial need for easy to administer measures which can be used frequently to monitor even very small increments of growth in the important skill areas. Any attempt to provide similar assessment measures for Spanish speakers cannot simply be a translation or adaptation of existing English measures, with no heed given to the fact that the Spanish language has unique characteristics which make translations/adaptations inadequate. Whereas English written language builds from the phoneme, the Spanish language, both oral and written, builds from the syllable unit. Children in Spanish speaking countries learn to read syllables first and then to combine those syllables in order to read words and connected text. The ability to hear syllable divisions in spoken words and to manipulate syllables in oral and written vocabulary is a foundation skill for both reading and written language success. The MIDE system builds from the syllable and thus provides incremental measures of the acquisition of early literacy skills which are predictive of fluent reading of connected text. Four years of field testing of these measures has led to refinements which more effectively monitor progress in Spanish language reading curricula.

The aimsweb MIDE system consists of six measures of early literacy for Spanish speakers:

  • Letter Naming Fluency – requires students to name as many upper and lower case letters as they can in one minute. The measures include letters which are unique to the Spanish alphabet (ch, ll, ñ and rr) and excludes letters not indigenous to Spanish (k, w).
  • Letter Sound Fluency – requires students to provide as many of the sounds associated with lower case letters as they can in one minute. Once again, letters which are unique to the Spanish language are included and those which are not indigenous to Spanish are excluded.
  • Syllable Segmentation Fluency – requires students to re-pronounce words presented orally for one minute, with a clear separation between syllables. Familiar words with two, three and four syllables are included.
  • Syllable Reading Fluency – requires students to read as many CV syllables as possible in one minute. Credit is given for each phoneme read correctly. Syllables with qu and cu are included.
  • Syllable and Word Spelling – requires students to write orally presented syllables (K) or words (1). Stimulus items are presented every 20 seconds, with a total of 12 items administered in two minutes. Both correct words or syllables and correct letter sequences are counted.
  • Oral Reading Fluency -requires students to read aloud for one minute per passage. Words Read Correctly (WRC) are counted and the middle score of three passages is utilized.

Used together and administered on the recommended schedule, the MIDE measures will provide useful information for evaluating student progress and ensuring success.