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Cloze tasks from aimsweb Maze CBM

Standard Reading Comprehension Assessment Passages

The aimsweb Maze CBM assessment can be purchased as part of anĀ aimsweb subscription.

Although Reading Curriculum-Based Measurement (R-CBM) is the best overall measure of students’ general reading proficiency, for some students, educators have felt the need for another measure. Maze reading (Maze-CBM) can be used in this instance as a corroborative or supplemental measure to provide a more complete picture of students’ reading skills.

Maze is a multiple-choice cloze task that students complete while reading silently. The first sentence of a 150-400 word passage is left intact. Thereafter, every 7th word is replaced with three words inside parenthesis. One of the words is the exact one from the original passage.

Pearson has developed sets of Standard Reading Maze Passages as part of the aimsweb system. Maze-CBM assessments:

  • Meet professional standards for reliability and validity.
  • Are research-based.
  • Are curriculum independent, ensuring that student achievement is assessed equitably regardless of curriculum differences among teachers and schools, and/or changes in curriculum over time.
  • Are available for Grades 1 through 8.