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Math Assessment for grades 2-8

The aimsweb Mathematics Concepts and Applications (M-CAP) is a test of short duration (8-10 minutes) that assesses the general mathematics problem-solving skills expected in Grades 2-8. The test may be administered in a large or small group setting or to individual students.

M-CAP can be used by teachers and other school professionals to quickly screen and monitor mathematics progress. The mathematics domains assessed include number sense, operations, patterns and relationships, data and probability, measurement, data and statistics, geometry, and algebra.

The aimsweb M-CAP assessment can  be purchased as part of an aimsweb  subscription.

M-CAP Features:

  • Group-administered; 8 minutes for grades 2-6; 10 minutes for grades 7-8
  • Based on the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Principles and Standards
  • Contains 33 probes per grade: three for benchmarking all students, and an additional 30 for monitoring the effectiveness of interventions
  • Assesses a broad set of math domains, including number sense, measurement, operations, patterns and relationships, data
  • Features easy, innovative scoring that enhances the sensitivity of each probe, maximizes the technical adequacy and scientific properties that support the scoring process, minimizes the impact of “skipping,” and simplifies the scoring process for teachers

Domains Assessed by Grade: