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aimsweb is ideal for RTI and tiered instruction.

aimsweb gives schools a powerful framework for Response to Intervention (RTI) programs and multi-tiered instruction.

At the heart of aimsweb are Curriculum-Based Measures (CBM) of reading and math performance for grades K-12. Assessments include Early Literacy, Reading, Early Numeracy, Mathematics, Spelling and Writing. They’re compatible with any curriculum or set of standards—including Common Core State Standards—and have the predictive power to report the likely outcome of your state test.

aimsweb generates real-time reports at the student, class, grade, district, and state levels that provide actionable data to help schools determine RTI. aimsweb also provides a full range of support, training, and professional development services to help your district or school every step of the way.

aimsweb Features:


Data Management & Reporting

Browser-Based Scoring

Training & Professional Development