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Tiered Assessment

aimsweb gives you accurate tools to monitor and manage progress.

The aimsweb Tiered Assessment Framework provides web-based data management, charting, and reporting. With continuous student performance data, teachers and administrators can guide the teaching and learning process, and provide relevant reports to parents.

TIER 1: Universal Screening: Establishes benchmarks three times a year with standard universal screening probes. Reports identify students at risk, help individualize instruction, evaluate student progress, and demonstrate Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP). They also serve as an accountability and communication tool for system improvement.

TIER 2: Progress Monitoring: Begin to progress monitor students at risk using monthly assessments to evaluate the effectiveness of instructional changes and short interventions.

TIER 3: Intensive Progress Monitoring: Use it for frequent assessment and monitoring of students at risk or with severe needs. Expected rates of progress are prescribed and compared to actual progress, based on an Individual Education Plan (IEP) or other goals. Reports evaluate student progress, prescribe program changes and revisions, monitor interventions, ensure IEP success and serve as an accountability and communication tool for program evaluation and reporting.

aimsweb manages, charts, and reports CBM assessment data to provide a pro-active and preventative solution to inform instruction, demonstrate improvement, and report success.