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aimsweb FAQs


  • What is aimsweb?Open or Close

    aimsweb is a universal screening, progress monitoring, and data management system that supports Response to Intervention (RTI) and tiered instruction. aimsweb uses brief, valid, and reliable measures of reading and math performance for grades K-12, which can be generalized to any curriculum.

    aimsweb efficiently screens all students, identifying those at risk for academic failure and enabling early intervention. With progress monitoring, aimsweb determines the effectiveness of your interventions, and whether your students are progressing sufficiently to meet year-end goals. aimsweb uses General Outcome Measurement assessments, which are simple, accurate, valid, reliable, efficient and generalizable. We offer assessments and subscription options in the content areas of early literacy and reading (English and Spanish), spelling, writing, early numeracy, math; and now available, screening and progress monitoring for behavior and social skills.

    aimsweb gives you accurate, actionable and enduring data on all students. It has a robust data management system, includes convenient computer-based scoring for orally-administered assessments, and soon, mobile scoring for your tablet or iPad®.

  • Does aimsweb provide instructional materials?Open or Close

    aimsweb is an assessment system designed to measure and monitor the effects of any instruction including program, intervention, teaching strategy, core curriculum, etc. aimsweb does not provide instructional materials, but does provide linkages to several Pearson curriculum products, including Reading Street, enVisionMATH, Prentice Hall Literature and Mathematics, digits, and SuccessMaker, as well as Cornerstone, Keystone, and Language Central for English Language Learners (ELL). aimsweb also provides Lexile® reporting for grades 1-12.

  • Does aimsweb provide interventions?Open or Close

    aimsweb will measure, monitor and document response to any intervention of the customer's choosing, but does not include embedded interventions at this time. aimsweb does include linkages to a variety of Pearson curriculum products, including Reading Street, enVisionMATH, Prentice Hall Literature and Mathematics, digits, and SuccessMaker. aimsweb also provides Lexile® reporting for grades 1-12.

  • Can I use aimsweb for students past Grade 8?Open or Close

    aimsweb measures are currently available for Benchmarking (Universal Screening) K-8 and Progress Monitoring any age/grade. However, many high schools use aimsweb measures for intensive progress monitoring at-risk students in grades 9-12—and because of this—we now offer high school norms for most aimsweb measures.

  • Is aimsweb considered diagnostic?Open or Close

    aimsweb is designed for universal screening and progress monitoring to identify struggling students early and to monitor student acquisition of foundational academic skills. Though not intended to be a diagnostic tool, aimsweb does offer strength and weakness analysis by Common Core (or NCTM) domain, Lexile® reporting, and linkages to a variety of Pearson curriculum products − including Reading Street, enVisionMATH, Prentice Hall Literature or Mathematics, digits, and SuccessMaker.

  • How are Benchmark Targets determined in aimsweb?Open or Close

    Customers can 1) Define their own benchmark targets based on norm tables or other data, 2) Use aimsweb presets, 3) Use DIBELS presets, or 4) Use the aimsweb test correlation feature to generate benchmark targets that predict success on high stakes testing.

  • When we switch from DIBELS data system to aimsweb, is there any way to keep our existing data?Open or Close

    U of O DIBELS data system users can create an export file from the within the DIBELS data system and provide us with that file. We will import all of their historical data so they lose nothing. Subscribers to aimsweb receive this service at no charge.

  • Can I see how others have implemented aimsweb in their school/district?Open or Close

    Thousands of schools and districts across the United States and Canada use aimsweb to help them make data-driven decisions in the classroom and to implement an effective RTI or tiered instruction solution. View testimonials from a number of customers. Contact us to find out how schools near you use aimsweb to help their students succeed.

  • How is the new aimsweb different from the current aimsweb?Open or Close

    The core and heart of the aimsweb system is not changing. aimsweb will continue to be an assessment, data management, and reporting system that provides the framework for RTI and tiered instruction. The new aimsweb is taking what the current system does best and making it more intuitive, supportive, and easier to use. In addition to an innovative new design and interface, we’re making it easier for users to input and view student data, set goals, monitor progress and report results.

  • When will the new aimsweb be available?Open or Close

    The new aimsweb will available fall 2013. Contact a sales representative to learn more.

  • How can our school schedule a demonstration of aimsweb?Open or Close

    If you are interested in learning more about aimsweb, contact a sales representative or sign up for a free one-hour overview webinar.

  • Do I need Training and if so, what are my options?Open or Close

    aimsweb subscriptions include access to all necessary implementation guides and manuals. However, we recommend professional development for an easier, speedier, and more successful implementation. Options include: 1) Private Onsite Training (2 days) 2) Open Workshops (2 days - hosted at various locations around the country) 3) Online Training (self-paced training over the web in an 8 week window). View our Training Options or contact our Training department at 1-866-313-6194, option 3.

  • I know site license subscriptions are priced per student but how many users (teachers/admins) can I have?Open or Close


  • What is the start and end date of a site license subscription?Open or Close

    aimsweb site license subscriptions are fixed windows that run August 1 through July 31.

  • What happens to price when ordering aimsweb mid-year?Open or Close

    Site License Subscriptions are pro-rated as follows when ordered mid-year: *Subscribe after November 1 = 1/3 off *Subscribe after March 1 = 2/3 off *OR Subscribe after March 1 for the next complete school year (no pro-rating) and receive remainder of current year FREE

  • What is included with every aimsweb subscription?Open or Close

    For a single, per-student annual subscription fee you receive:

    • Assessments for reading, language arts (spelling and writing), math, early numeracy and early literacy skills— with available screening tools and interventions for behavior and social skills (Grades K–12). Spanish versions are also available for early literacy, reading, and math.

    • The power of aimsweb’s robust online data management and reporting system

    • Browser-based scoring (score most aimsweb assessments real-time using a tablet, phone, or laptop)

    • Access to training materials (training provided by our Certified aimsweb® Trainers is also available at an additional charge)

    • Technical documentation



  • What are the system technology requirements for running aimsweb?Open or Close

    The aimsweb technology checklist can be found under 'Resources/Brochures and Downloads' – or by clicking here.

  • Can aimsweb provide prediction for success on high stakes?Open or Close

    Yes. With one year's worth of aimsweb test scores, we can create a correlation of high stakes test scores that aimsweb uses to generate targets. Students scoring over those targets have a high probability of being proficient on the high stakes test. Contact your aimsweb representative for more information.

  • Do students take tests on the computer?Open or Close

    aimsweb measures are currently available as downloadable PDFs, and most measures can be scored real-time using browser-based scoring on a tablet, phone, or laptop. Online administration is currently in development; more information will be provided at a later date.

  • How many alternate forms do aimsweb measures provide?Open or Close

    The number of forms varied by grade and measure, but typically includes at least 33 alternate forms per skill, per grade.