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Curriculum-based measurement for progress monitoring

At the foundation of aimsweb is general outcome measurement, a form of curriculum-based measurement (CBM), used for universal screening and progress monitoring. This form of brief assessment measures overall performance of key foundational skills at each grade level and draws upon over thirty years of scientific research that demonstrates both its versatility to provide accurate prediction of reading and math achievement as well as its sensitivity to growth.

The Power of CBM

Educators and researchers across the country will tell you CBM is their assessment of choice for progress monitoring and Response to Intervention because this method of general outcome measurement is:

  • Brief: Can be administered frequently (even several times a week) without disrupting instruction
  • Predictive: Provides accurate predictions of reading and math achievement
  • Sensitive to improvement: An increase in ability will be reflected in rising scores on the measure
  • Easy to administer and score: Can be used accurately by a wide range of education personnel
  • A valid measure of skills that are central to the domain being measured (reading, math, language arts)
  • Standardized and reliable: Producing consistent results across time or testing conditions
  • Available in multiple equivalent forms to reduce practice effects on retesting (up to 33 forms per measure, per grade)
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